Admission to College from an Alternative Schooling System

28 Dec

The common perception of Alternative High Schools is that they have an inferior educational curriculum. Many people are of the view that student from such schools cannot be admitted into colleges and are being set to fail in life. Alternative high schools admit students who have challenges learning in conventional public schools. It has a different approach to the traditional educational curriculum. This institutions admit students with complex medical conditions or even behavioral challenges. The critics of this program dwell on the negative and miss the bigger picture. This article focuses on steps that parents and students can take to ensure their students are accepted to college.

Unknown to many parents, students and alternative high school administrations, colleges have come to the realization that using standardized testing such as GPA and ACT scores to determine the suitability of student admission is no longer viable. Colleges are now looking for all rounded students who are determined to achieve their life's goals through the higher learning education system. The standard test is used as a basic determinant of students who should be considered. Thereafter, only the students with a niche or a cutting edge will sail through.

The alternative high schools view the teachers, students and parents as stakeholders in the student's success. They involve all the stakeholders in the decision-making process. Additionally, the learning curriculum of such schools uses a project based learning approach. This means, the teachers access the student's strengths and focus on nurturing them. Be sure to view here!

This student development is done by presenting students with continuous real life projects to solve. As the students solve this problems the knowledge is engraved in them. It provokes critical thinking and creativity in students. It also ensures that the students collaborate with fellow students and teachers as they attempt to solve problems. This process develops their communication and interpersonal skills. This is done when the students are at their prime making it very easy for college lecturers to take up from where the high school teachers left. This kind of student is independent and quick at absorbing. Traits that are very important for college where there is no spoon feeding. Get into some more facts about education at

The ratio of teacher to student in this system is very ideal compared to their counterparts in the conventional schools. With the student's goals in life, all stakeholders work towards the student's success. The students in these schools are exposed to many real-life activities and examples in order to broaden their perspective. The curriculum of such school includes very many trips and exchange programs that are helpful in the overall development of the student.

In order to get the admission to one's dream college a student and all other stakeholders should work smart. The student should make a selection of the colleges they would like to join early in their learning life. They should then find out the requirements for admission to such learning institutions and work toward aching this goal every year they spend in high school. The students should strive hard to learn and develop academically and not just to pass tests. If at the end of high school these students are developed all round, they will stand out and their chances of admission will be very high.

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